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Here is home to all my GameSalad Tutorials they are all free to use; Most of them come with Templates that you can edit and use as your own…. You may not sell these Free templates

These Templates & Tutorials Should help you on your GameSalad Journeys!

iF these Templates do not help you enough, or you need Help on a project be sure to contact the very skilled and trusted GameSalad Programmer John Pappiomitis on

To keep these templates coming for free, And to keep getting your weakly free asset You can donate by being me one of the things on my amazon wish list:
(There are a lot of small things too! :))

Or donate to paypal, send us an email and we will send you the ThermoApps Template pack and loads of Art Assets!, Soundtracks and much more!
Donations are much appreciated!,

A full list to my Tutorials is here:

Apple Publishing

Buttons in GameSalad

Using Shoot/Lasers in GameSalad

Using Particles in GameSalad (Particle Magic)

Great Resources For Gamesalad Users

Spawning multiple actors

Free swipe menu template

Free art files template

My goal is to make GameSalad a breeze for you guys!:
Just sit back and relax:


This is where we will have tutorials and help demos for fellow gs users…. Also it is a place where you ca catch up on the GameSalad Webinar hosted by MyNameIsAce. The free help demos are at the end of the page. Here up at the top is where we have our fabulous MyNameIsAce webinar (the archived version not the live one)

Mynameisace webinar:

The live version Was/Will be available on

We are proud to host the Webinar & We are also proud to have designed the intro!

All credits for this webinar go to: Ace Connel

The Video: (Wont be available until it has been live on; Dates yet to be announced!)


ThermoApps help demos, Tutorials And projects:

Free help demos

-SandBox (art by thermoapps some code by thermoapps some code by rtherman) download link>


“These demos are gleaned from many sources as well as thermo-apps and I try to give credit where I can find the author of the work, however on occasion authorship is unknown. (If you are the author/creator please contact me and I will give proper credit.) Although i have not uploaded anything without permission from the user.


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