Why i chose gamesalad?


“One of the best game creation tools!” Thermo-apps


Beam your games to your iOS or Android device to instantly test them


A revolutionary way to publish your games.

Getting Started

Logic based. Drag & drop functionality.
System Requirements
Intel Mac
Mac OS X 10.6/10.7

Designed for designers.
There’s no faster or easier way to get started building a game than with GameSalad Creator. Its visual, drag & drop based style requires absolutely no coding whatsoever. Avoid spending hours poring over code, and spend more time finding the fun.

“Rapid” is an understatement.
GameSalad’s wide variety of complex behaviors provide almost limitless freedom for varied game genres, styles, and mechanics. On top of its incredible versatility, GameSalad brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “rapid prototyping”. Explore the possibilities in hours and days instead of weeks. It’s fast. It’s versatile. It’s GameSalad.

Build Your Own Studio Empire!
Take advantage of the GameSalad’s ease and speed – accelerate your game design career by proving your chops on GameSalad Arcade and Apple’s App Store.

Start creating now.
Don’t waste thousands of dollars on software. GameSalad is free to download and use, with extra monetization features available at a great price! A low barrier for entry means a much faster return on investment.

Testing is Key
Play-test on all devices to make your game the best.
System Requirements
iOS version 3.2 or higher
Android version 1.6 (Donut) or higher

Make your best even better.
With the new GameSalad Viewer, you can iterate faster. That means making your awesome game even better with more time to improve gameplay and polish the overall gaming experience. Also, testing on multiple devices couldn’t be easier.

Nothing beats the real thing.
Testing is key for making a good game into a great game. And there’s nothing better than testing on your actual target device. We’ve done everything we can to make our In-app preview players mimic iOS and Android device performance, but there’s no substitute for testing your game on an actual iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Galaxy Tab.

Both the iOS and Android Viewers have been designed as universal apps for their respective operating systems. Our Android Viewer will work on any Android device, as will the iOS Viewer on Apple iOS devices.

Sharing your idea with the world, at the press of a button.

Make Your Mark.
It’s not just about getting a binary. Use the GameSalad’s new dashboard and portfolio management system to establish your presence as a top-notch independent game developer.

Publishing at the speed of fast.
GameSalad already offers the fastest way to build a game. Now get your game to the iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire with incredible speed — or publish your game instantly to GameSalad Arcade, powered by HTML5 technologies. Make your game accessible to more than a billion people in seconds!

Nobody does it better.
GameSalad’s portfolio management system employs the same design philosophy used in GameSalad’s Creator and Viewer. Just follow the intuitive process and take your games to market with unimaginable ease.

Update games, all across the web.
With the new GameSalad Arcade, it’s now possible to push updates to your web games with the push of a button, no matter where people are playing them. When you update a GameSalad Arcade title, that update will automatically stream out to anywhere your game is embedded. By providing updates to embedded games, you can add life to your title significantly beyond it’s initial release.


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