Weekly Game Development Tips

Dear all my readers,
I thought you might be interested in some game development tips,

When your bringing out an app the most important element is the icon, the first thing the consumer sees if your icon, if you have a bad icon, you’ve basically lost 3/4 of the consumers that may have just bought your app, so i highly suggest if you’re not good at art to hire an artist and have budget of up to $50/€40/£30 to design a really neat looking logo, also be careful when picking your artist. For good artists i recommend the following people: Debug Design ( http://www.debugdesign.com/ )

The logo is the main point of attraction and if you had ea bad logo and even if your lucky enough to attract a consumer to your app you literally then have about 1-2 seconds to distract their brain to your app by using screenshots or app details, visual (screenshots) are probably the best to use.
Thank your for visiting my website and here is a free file to help you with designing your logo:

(Just click and drag to your desktop to get the file, or right click and press download image (on mac) or click save image to downloads on windows)
Yours Sincerely,
Jack Leonard

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